We live, work and raise families in Pulaski, VA and publish this blog because:

  1. We believe that people in Pulaski can and do have the ability to solve our own problems, even as we can learn from people and ideas in other communities. We lift up positive examples of local people, institutions and policies that contribute to regional, state, national and international challenges while also exploring ways in which we can improve as a community.
  2. We believe that speaking in abstract, partisan terms about issues of importance divides us unnecessarily and makes it more difficult to solve our local problems. We communicate concretely and in the context of our everyday lives about how international, national, state and regional laws and changes affect or might affect Pulaski’s people.
  3. We believe that the people most affected by policies that shape our community should have the greatest say in how they are determined, rather than those who simply have a financial, recreational, or philosophical interest. We all live with the consequences of decisions made by elected and non-elected bodies. We give our readers the information they need to engage effectively with those bodies.
jill and oscar

Jill Williams

After growing up in Pulaski, I moved to NC and then NYC where I worked on issues of economic and racial justice.  In 2014, I moved back to Pulaski where I continue that work as well as hang out with my husband, two kids and neurotic dog.

Michael Reis

Originally from NJ, now proud to call the mountains of Southwest Virginia home.  Recovering lawyer, proud father of two, and husband. Give me a wave if you see me out on my bike.

Timothy Goff

After 29 years in the Suburbs and City of Maryland and DC, I moved to Pulaski with my wife Michelle.  We have two kids and are excited to raise them in this wonderful town.  In my day job, I am a computer programmer working with satellite imagery.

Andy King

I'm a Hoosier transplant to Pulaski, glad to call this mountain town my home with my wife, son, and pets. I spend my time as an at-home dad, a campus minister, and a deeply curious geek.

Vickie Houk

I moved to Pulaski in 1996 to become the Rector of Christ Episcopal Church. When I retired in 2014 I decided to make Pulaski my permanent home. I am a South Dakota via Ohio transplant and love it here. I love reading, old movies,and snuggling with my 3 furbabies.

Michelle Poore

Born and raised in Pulaski, the mountains and small-town atmosphere lured meback home in 2011 after living in Richmond and D.C.  I am proud to have 4 generations of my family currently living in Pulaski.  I work as a hospital pharmacy manager and live with my husband, Tim and 2 children.

Eric Bucey

I love the mountains, small town life, soccer, cooking, my wife and two daughters. I also jump at opportunities to talk about the trio of forbidden topics - politics, money, and faith.