Who can represent the diverse landscape of the Ninth District?

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The image above is the ninth district as seen by the 2011 edition of the National Land Cover Database (you can zoom in to explore this data at http://www.arcgis.com/home/webmap/viewer.html?webmap=e4c45b7769af40d280c1a74208662c9d — note: it takes a moment to load all layers) Our district is larger than New Jersey. In the image above: The red is our roads and cities. The […]

Finding Truth in Noah Thomas’s Death

4 Clad in a bulletproof vest, Ashley White arrives for a court hearing on the death of her five-year old son, Noah Thomas.

I have spent the majority of my adult life working on, consulting with, and learning about truth and reconciliation commissions. These bodies are generally tasked with investigating human rights abuses or other injustices so that a community or nation can learn from the past, establish accountability for what happened in some way, and make recommendations […]

I ♡ Poor Boys Produce, Part 2

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Around this time last year, I published my first love letter to Poor Boys Produce Stand, but over the past year, I discovered more reasons to love the place, so here I am again. While I appreciate that I can find Daisy’s Bread in the local produce stand all year round, Doug Steger’s story about […]

On expanding Medicaid: “Virginia’s money needs to stay in Virginia”

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One of my hardworking colleagues just found out that her family’s health insurance premiums are about to go from about $250 to $1200 a month. Upon hearing that, I was tempted to sarcastically exclaim, “Thanks Obama” and rethink my limited support for the Affordable Care Act. But then I looked into the reason her premiums […]